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'Anne' + '-' + 'Elise'. Anne-Elise. I got my name in France, where I was born. It’s a two-for-one name, but it suits me, because I’m a two-for-one kind of person. Creator? Problem Solver? I’m both! I love seeing what makes people, programs, and problems tick, but I also love coming up with beautiful and unique solutions.

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I love stories. In high school, I made a children’s book about a quail, and a very short graphic novel about a zombie. A few years ago, I even helped create a Toastmaster’s club, volunteering as the VP of Education, so I could hear and tell more stories. For me, the design process is an opportunity to learn other people’s stories, and to help impact their story’s outcome with a design solution. In presenting my work I get to hone my storytelling abilities and tell the project’s story. Let me help you tell your story!

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I’ve got a 5 year bachelor’s degree and 3 years of experience working in architecture. My architectural background has shown me how to design towards user needs, visually communicate my ideas, and present my work clearly. I also learned to iterate quickly and to ask for/give feedback as much as possible. The professional world of architecture has exposed me to how a design is developed, from concept to reality, and what it takes for that to happen.

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Gardening, drawing/creating, consuming comics, and teaching others are among my top favorite things to do. One day I want to raise chickens, create a webcomic, finish building my 3D printer, design/build my own house, and make a cool game. I’ve always got a personal project going.

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